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Cute Pet Movies

Where pets come to show off!

Come and join the fun! Cute pet and animal movies!
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Welcome to Cute Pet Movies!
Here is a place for you to share all those cute movies you have made of your pets!

You can post movies of your own pets, friends pets, cute movies you've discovered involving pets (giving credit to the owner please) or animals in general so lets see some cute movies!

So here are the obligatory Community Rules:
Please keep movies tasteful! I would like people of all ages to enjoy movies posted in this community.
Please don't post movies of pets that are in situations that could cause harm.
No Drama! We are all here to have fun :)
click here Read the FAQ's on how to post your movies! You can also check the memories.
Use an LJ cut if you plan on posting more than one movie in your entry
Posts will be moderated for all new members, as you become a regular member you will be added to the un-moderated posting list, this is just to prevent abuse of the community, trolls etc...

If you need to contact me you can at cutepetmovies at gmail dot com

So what are you waiting for - go post some cute pet movies!!!