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I made this short movie showing my cat's reaction to Clinique . . . cute!

I rescued a tiny kitten 2 weeks ago, found the little darling in a gas station parking lot.
Here's a video of him. We have too many animals for us to keep him (theoretically), but we've named him anyway: Neville.

Kitten and box

My kitten, Chaya, playing with an empty box.

Amara & Page investigate their food bag

That little sneeze in there is Amara. Not me. Be sure to turn your volume up. Amara growls twice while Page is trying to get her out :)

Kitten video

This is a video of my new kitten, Chaya, playing with a pompom toy. It is a little dark, unfortunately, because the pompom was in a shaded corner, but she has enough white fur on her for you to see her move around. :)

Jun. 10th, 2007

My kitties LOVE catnip. Perhaps they even have a catnip problem.
I videoed their foolishness.

the kitty show!

A typical situation in our home: you can't give one cat attention without all the cats wanting in on it. I was bored and filming August. Sophie and Drusilla wanted some screen time. I think I'll elaborate more on this video at a later date - for now I just threw this together in minutes so be kind.

Wait for the end!


Cute little baby bunny :)



Zazu was in a singing mood....

Zazu learnt 'Spanish Flea' and today he was having a bit of a singing session



My brothers dog Radar. A Labrador in Labrador=Happiest dog in the world.