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Apr. 21st, 2008

Video dedicated to alcozoma.

A couple of things:
I'm not so sure why it's heavily pixelated like that.
Could it have just been the outdoor situation that had some kind of reaction with the camera?

This is only a taste of a super-dee-duper Frank E. Stein: beach bum video to come!
The second will feature much more footage, girls in bikinis, shark attacks!
But the song will remain the same.


Here's Holly, my sister's 4 1/2 month Yorkiepoo (Yorkie/toy Poodle mix) puppy, starring in her first video.


Do all cats do this?
This weird twitching thing..

If you'd like to reply I'd love if you could comment on the video as well as on here :)

Baby kitty kills the Christmas tree

This is a video of Chaya, my eight-month-old kitten, destroying my Christmas tree. You know that you're a crazy cat lady when you take a video of the kitten destroying the tree rather than stopping the kitten from destroying the tree.

Chaya and the chair

This is a video of Chaya, my baby cat (six months old) "helping" my boyfriend put my new computer chair together. You can hear him in the video telling her, "Baby kitty, this is not a chewy toy." The black parts of her tend to blend in with the black chair somewhat, but the white parts show up nicely. :-)
Kitty videoCollapse )


Fainting Goats

I saw these goats at Ripley's Believe it or Not on the Gold Coast, Australia. How cute are they!